GuangdongInspection® has expertise in some of the below mentioned industrial products, and you could ask us more about your specific product to provide you with more accurate information of our inspection criteria. Contact us to arrange your audit.

Professional Hotel and Kitchen Equipments

Typical Products:

- Food and Bakery Machinery (Mixers, Dough Dividers, Ovens, Pita Bread machines etc.)

- Restaurant and Café Series (Fryers, Coffee machines, Breading tables, Work Desktops etc.)

- Cooling Solutions (Deep Freezers, Ice cube Machines, Water Dispensers, Display Coolers etc.)

What we check: Plug, Voltage, any other special requirement , Working of machines, Very Imp Packaging, Desired output.

LED Lighting

Typical Products:

- Strip
- Flood
- Light
- Bulb
- Tubes

What we check: Brightness of your items, LED quality, wave length, electrical parameters.

LED Display

inspection_led_display_shenzhenTypical Products:

- Indoor
- Outdoor
- Rental
- Fix Installation Displays

What we check: Brightness of the display, calibration of the screen, quality of the cabinets, assembling of the cabinets. EMC testing if required by client.

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Fiber Optic

inspection_fiber_optic_shenzhenTypical Products:

- Patchcord
- Pigtail
- Cabinet

What we check: Connector types, colors, fiber coiling, plastic molding quality, insertion, attenuation, polarizing slot position.


Signage Inspection Shenzhen ChinaTypical Products:

- Acrylic
- Electroplating
- Stainless Steel
- 3D

What we check: Dimensions of the signage, mechanical compliance, quality of materials.


inspection_furnitures_foshanTypical Products:

- MDF frame high gloss table
- PU / PVC chairs
- Tempered glass desk top with chromed or powder coated legs

What we check: Quality of materials, assembling, AI assembling instructions. For Knock Down delivery we assemble to check that no part is missing and that instructions are clear. Moisture Content for solid wood. REACH compliance.

Green Energy

inspection_solar_panel_chinaTypical Products:

- Solar panels
- Inverters
- Solar water heater

What we check: Power efficiency of the products, resistance to environment.

Promotional Gifts

inspection_promotional_shenzhenTypical Products:

- Umbrella
- Pen
- USB accessories
- Bags

What we check: Logo compliance and quality of logo. Quality of the materials.


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