GuangdongInspection® proposes you to assess the risks of your purchase and if necessary to improve the performances of your suppliers. We propose you three kinds of audits: First Assessment Audit, Monitoring Audit and Social Audit. Contact us to arrange your audit.

First Assessment Audit

Is your supplier reliable? What about its production capacities? and its management? In order to make a clear picture of the situation of your future partner you can make an audit. We assess the factory's capabilities according to the ISO9001 standards.

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Monitoring Audit

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Either conducted on a regular basis to prevent abuses, or resulting or repeated incidents, monitoring audits is similar to the first assessment audit and helps to secure your supplies.

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Social Audit

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Working conditions at your suppliers' facilities are more and more a risk for your own image and sales.
Verify that your suppliers comply with SA 8000 standards for Social Accountability.

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  • " As a Quality Manager, I recognize the necessity of timely and accurate inspection reports. When it comes to GuangdongInspection, the professionalism of their staff, the promptness of communication and the rich detail included in every report are exactly what I need to stay on top of every aspect of my production. Without hesitation I have and will continue to recommend your services to my peers and colleagues. ", France
  • " In support of its high standards for social responsibility and conduct, the Canton de Vaud uses GuangdongInspection to conduct social compliance audits to ensure that our supplier network abides by the highest health, social and safety standards. ", Canton de Vaud, Suisse
  • " Just the mention of GuangdongInspection got me instant results. When I told my factory representative in China that I was sending in a team from GuangdongInspection, the agent hesitated and then reluctantly admitted that there was no factory, despite pictures of a busy factory on their website. Lesson learned, I never start production without sending GuangdongInspection in first. ", Brest, France