24 August 2017

Pre- Shipment Report (PSI) for USA watch company


According to our Inspection Standard ISO2859, Product quantity/Product/Conformity/Reliability/function tests were all correct, but packaging and workmanship appearance / function are still pending because packaging will be done later on the 16th Jan. They have showed us the packaging for watches and watch heads already. Some defects were found in workmanship appearance as follows; Logo Not […]

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25 May 2017

Everything That You Should Know About The Pre-Shipment Inspection Process!

Before we go into the details of pre-shipment inspection, it is important to know what this inspection is all about. In product manufacturing, quality inspection plays a vital role. And pre-inspection is a quality control procedure that is carried out at the supplier’s premises by either the in-house quality analysis department or by an independent […]

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18 May 2017

Four Important Inspection Stages To Ensure Quality Products

One of the most important questions that bother a product manager is how they are going to ensure the quality of the products manufactured. This question has another aspect – what type of quality tests will the product manager undertake for the desired results? The right inspection strategy helps to identify issues early so that […]

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03 May 2017

Why Suppliers Need to Hire the Correct Quality Control Company in Foshan

Quality control is never easy. Most of the well-established companies have a quality department in place. For those that don’t have such a quality department, they need to hire the services of a quality control company as soon as possible. In such a case, the more the delay, the higher the chances of the company’s […]

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28 April 2017

Importance of Hiring Quality Control Services in Vietnam

Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to products used in engineering and manufacturing items. The products used include used or new equipment, components, materials and even structures. Hence, it becomes vital that all the equipment used should be high on quality and performance if the desired result is to be achieved. In other […]

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19 April 2017

Quality Control is Important for a Business – Know Why!

The world economy is growing rapidly which is giving way to a lot of industrialization. Well, with every passing day, the competition is getting tougher as the demand is increasing. Hence, keeping in sync with the demand, the supply is also perking up for all the right reasons. Thus, the manufacturers of similar products or […]

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10 April 2017

The Process of Conducting a Social Compliance Audit

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.” – Anne M. Mulcahy In today’s world where there is competition at every level, the employees need a boost to […]

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31 March 2017

Top Ways to Choose a Quality Control Company in the Philippines

“A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.” – Arthur Bloch Well, Mr. Arthur Bloch has pointed out the matter appropriately. An inspection is a phase that identifies errors in the production and saves a company from earning a bad reputation. And in no way, the stage of inspection can be […]

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22 March 2017

Why You Should Hire Quality Control Companies In The Philippines?

At times, it becomes easier for a third party inspection company to find faults with the goods manufactured. There are several reasons for it. However, on the basis of the report submitted the concerned company can carry out the corrective measures before launching the products in the market. No matter what the product is that […]

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08 March 2017

Role and Importance of Pre-Shipment Inspection in Foshan

When you are importing goods from another country, one of the most important things that you need to do is make sure that the quality of the goods shipped is at par with the quality measures mentioned in the sales contract. Hence, it becomes important that you opt for pre-shipment inspection in Foshan. But before […]

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28 February 2017

Top Three Trends Followed for Quality Management

In this competitive world, the manufacturers are always under pressure to bring out the best products for gaining a reputation in the industry.  Now, with every passing day, the competition has increased making space for more companies in the same field manufacturing the same products. So, maintaining the quality of the products has become one […]

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21 February 2017

Frequently Asked Questions on Quality Control Companies in Myanmar

Third party quality control inspection companies play a major role when it comes to quality inspection of products. There are still many companies that do not have an in-house quality inspection department. There may be many reasons to it but the primary ones being a lack of infrastructure and trained professionals. Hence, the latest trend […]

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10 February 2017

Three Important Reasons to Hire Quality Control Companies in Foshan

Buyers across the globe are becoming more and more aware of high-quality products. If the product bought is not up to the mark, they do not hesitate to share their experience and opinion on social media networking sites. As such, it becomes vital that you offer high-quality products to your customers if you want to […]

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01 February 2017

Quality Inspection Companies in China Can Help You Ascertain the Quality of Products Offered


The success of any business depends on the relation it shares with its buyers. You will enjoy a long standing relationship with your buyer only if you offer high-quality products. It is an obvious fact, but, sadly there are so many companies that overlook this simple fact and end up compromising on the company’s brand […]

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17 January 2017

Seven Essential Quality Tools Needed For Company Auditsin Guangzhou


In this competitive world, running an enterprise is not an easy task. With every passing day, the competition is increasing making the business scenario even tougher. So, in this situation, keeping up the quality of the products is mandatory for surviving in the industry. As we all know that it takes a lot of time, […]

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16 January 2017

Product Testing Methods Followed by the Product Testing Companies in Guangzhou


There are many companies that manufacture various kinds of products and distribute them in the market. Now, the most crucial task which runs parallel with the manufacturing unit is the testing of these products to ensure that they are of good quality. We all know that a company is known for the products it manufactures […]

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13 January 2017

Product Quality Analysis with Third Party Inspection Companies in Zhangzhou


The success of a company depends on the quality of the products offered by it. Your company will get repeat buyers only when the products offered by your company are of high quality and delivers what it promises. In today’s competitive market, there is no place for low-quality products. If your company is struggling with […]

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06 January 2017

How Important are Quality Control Companies in Quanzhou for Your Business?


For any company manufacturing engineering products, quality should be of topmost priority. Engineering companies manufacture complex products that include used or new equipment, components and materials where quality plays an important role. It becomes necessary to comply with strict standards and quality regulations. In addition, the finished products need to undergo quality inspections, checking, auditing […]

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16 December 2016

Basic Concepts Revolving around Quality Control


Quality inspection is a process that checks whether products received from the manufacturing team or company meet previouslystated specifications. When running a business, it is important to check the functionality and quality of products before shipping them. Businesses feel the need to inspect products because bad quality products directly affect their business reputation. Quality inspection […]

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09 December 2016

Role of a Factory & Its Employees in Quality Control & Testing


The product inspection procedure is normally very long and process oriented. This implies that professional quality inspectors need to follow strict protocols and methods during an inspection. Inspectors need to be given adequate time in order to successfully work on product testing and quality inspection. Professionals also need to have the right infrastructure in order […]

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