GuangdongInspection® proposes you to assess the risks of your purchase and if necessary to improve the performances of your suppliers. We propose you three kinds of audits: First Assessment Audit, Monitoring Audit and Social Audit. Contact us to arrange your audit in Asia.

Audit Services: Monitoring Audit

monitoring audit Shenzhen

What is a Full Monitoring Audit (FMA)?

The Full Monitoring Audit is usually requested by our clients prior to ordering from a new supplier. The factory audit takes two-days and is performed at the production site.

What does FMA offer?

The Full Monitoring Audit is performed according to ISO 9001 by a professional inspector to provide assurance that your Chinese supplier’s practices and procedures meets your organization’s standards. This extensive factory audit gives you a deeper look into your supplier’s business background. If you would like to establish a long-term strategic sourcing relationship with a quality supplier, then an FMA would be a good place to start.


●        Avoid poorly performing suppliers.

●        Make better sourcing decisions

●        Audit suppliers for proper documentation (i.e. certificates and licenses).

●        Evaluate your supplier’s manufacturing capabilities and quality procedures

●        Get a comprehensive review of your supplier’s practices and procedures

What do we look for during a FMA?

The FMA will be conducted by a professional auditor according to ISO 9001 standards. This audit includes a full analysis of your potential supplier:

●        Factory Profile: business name, contact information, licenses/certifications etc.

●        Human Resources: management, quality control, personnel.

●        Premises Audit: offices, factory equipment, production lines etc.

●        Clientele and History: business experience, production samples, etc.

        Proper Documentation: licenses, certificates etc.

●        Management Practices

●        Design

●        Purchasing Practices

●        Storage

●        Inspection

●        Production

●        Final Inspection & Testing

●        Control Measures & Equipment Testing

●        Resource Management

●        Continual Improvement

●        Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

●        Environmental Stewardship